Our Mission

Teaory started with the mission to make the art of tea-making as enriching and straightforward as possible. Our founder, Ming, noticed that making a perfect cup of tea requires time and patience.

Combining research and development to produce the finest quality and flavour, and technology in product packaging, Teaory's tea capsules are set to revolutionise a new tea drinking experience for all.

Theoretically, the enjoyment of tea should not be a tea-dious process.

The perfect brew, in a capsule.

Following the principles of simplicity and minimalism, Teaory’s tea capsules are carefully curated to produce the natural aroma and taste that brings balance and tranquillity to one's soul.

Our tea connoisseurs travel across the region to select the most exquisite range of Asian flavours to produce its distinct fragrance, flavour, and finish. The prime selection of Teaory's oriental tea flavours will satisfy those who are thirsty for quality and convenience.

Drinking tea soothes the mind and pleases the palate, and we know best.

Yum cha!